OCIO as a vCIO Thought Leader?

As I have thought about my “elevator pitch” I have quite a few based upon the audience, but the short and sweet of it is this:  “A vCIO is like a full blown CIO without the overhead.”  Most C-Level’s get this definition and see the value immediately.  If one does a search on the web for “what is a vCIO?”, about 14,900,000 (almost 15 million) of those definitions are from IT or MSP (managed service provider) companies.  Most of these definitions are as an added on service offering, but none are exclusive.  There are some mistakes MSP’s make with their vCIO services of course on top of the fact that the industry has yet to wrap their mind around this concept.  Wikipedia, for instance, calls a vCIO a Fractional CIO, and defines it this way:  “often helps with Technology Roadmaps, Business Process Improvements, and Business Technology Strategy.  The key business benefit of retaining a Fractional CIO is that they provide the same expertise and capability of a full-time CIO without the associated level of overhead and benefits associated with adding another top-level executive.”  Denes Purnhauser calls this skewed view of vCIO services, levels of vCIO Operational Maturity.   I would suggest that most MSP’s are offering a combination of OML1 or OML2 (Operational Maturity Level).  What does that mean for the industry?  It means there is some fuzzy thinking out there regarding what a vCIO is and does.  Outsourced CIO, LLC is committed to being a thought leader for the industry regarding this fuzzy thinking.

How does OCIO set itself apart as a vCIO only company?  We have some extensive consultative background with local and national companies.  Our testimonials page already outlines previous customers who have experienced vCIO services and how it impacted their businesses/verticals.  From these testimonials, you can see we are very “down to earth” in our mentality when it comes to working with small to medium businesses.  We are also systematic and process-oriented thinkers.  We have tapped into a fantastic system with Reframe Your Clients, which provides all the benefits a franchise would offer.  We tap into industry best practices, proven methods, constant access to training and support and mastermind groups.  Additional benefits of a vCIO only company like OCIO is access to a process library for stand-alone vCIO services, offerings for stand-alone vCIO bundles, modular vCIO packages for different needs and assessments. 

One of the recent offerings is through a Needs Assessment (vCIO Needs Assessment, IT Security Assessment, and MSP Needs Assessment) and Solution Stack Scoring.  Through our assessments, we compare your current environment against industry standards and best practices and provide a ‘solution stack score’ based upon your answers against those standards.  After the Solution Stack Score is completed, we then customize the development roadmap for your business against our service offerings and through our project management services, which facilitate hitting the ground running with your vCIO implementation, with the first goal being to immediately bring a return on investment for your new services.

Without fail, once we start digging into your vendors and subscriptions, we consistently find corporate waste that has gone unaddressed.  Our goal is to audit those vendors and services and make sure you are getting what you are paying for.  If it is an IT company providing those services, more often than not, have not audited the accounts and we find that customers are over-paying, paying for things they no longer have and because they “trust” their vendor, been doing it for quite some time.  Because we understand how to put technology solutions into a business solutions context our customers win and start to see their technology products and services as assets rather than liabilities.  We come alongside your company as a c-level team member tasked to not only understand the problems of the business but also visualize a strategic solution, plan the project, manage the team, implement the necessary processes and systems and basically make things happen.  OCIO vCIO services are now available for every company regardless of management structure, industry, size or geographic location and bring a mix of methodologies, software tools, business acumen and technological expertise.  Our vCIO’s delivers what we call “Competitive Edge As a Service (CEaaS).” Let us learn about the current state of your enterprise: challenges, strategies, and aspirations. From there we’ll craft an action plan to reach your business and personal goals faster and we look forward to partnering with you.