vCIO News for 04-05-2018

The Role of the vCIO in Organizational Leadership

Like many other MSPs, your vCIO service has been maturing over the last couple of years. Learning from their errors can strengthen your service offering. Denes Purnhauser addresses 12 missed opportunities -from strategy to delivery-to avoid in your pursuit of a successful vCIO service to which customers will gravitate. Some MSPs failed to implement a sturdy framework and/or system for the delivery of their virtual CIO service. Others MSPs have shown difficulty attracting organizations for which vCIO is an appropriate solution. At its core, a vCIO should assist organizations to become more competitive through technology to drive up revenue, cut costs, and increase business continuity. Selling an IT-related service instead of business-related service. Take some time to see how your current service offering measures up, and how it could be developed further for your customers’ benefit. The vCIO Canvas is a terrific starting point for developing and personalizing an intake tool of your own. When complete, you’ll have a comprehensive needs snapshot-from total management to specific needs like user adoption training-and an idea of how best to service them. Remember why they want a virtual CIO. Your virtual CIO service provides a dependable relationship capable of delivering technological foresight, data reporting, and strategic planning to become winners in their individual market. As you seek out opportunities to lock in loyalty, don’t lose sight of why organizations seek out this service to begin with.

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