vCIO News for 04-07-2018

 Top Reasons MSPs Should Offer vCIO Services – Kaseya Blog

Invented by MSPs, vCIO offer SMBs top-level IT strategy. Sagiss is one forward-thinking MSP already offering vCIO services. For Sagiss, their vCIO services help their SMB clients plan for the future, looking several years out. By working in new areas of technology all the time, your vCIO staff can also help inform buying decision and crystal ball new services to improve your own MSP. The Benefits of vCIO Services. vCIO services is a radical departure from traditional MSP services, yet at the same time highly complementary. With a vCIO service, clients only pay for what the services they need – which can be very attractive to SMBs who can’t afford to bring on an expensive CIO full time. This is great for clients who need to engage with a cloud vCIO, network vCIO, application vCIO , etc. Becoming a vCIO. Moving to vCIO can seem like a major step. A vCIO engagement will typically begin with a close examination of the client’s computer assets, though this step can be skipped if they are already a client and you are up selling a vCIO engagement. There has to be some discussion of budget that can be applied to the vCIO services, and cover new investments in technology. These relationships can be strengthened by offering strong vCIO services. If you want your vCIO services to succeed, you need a vendor who is always thinking ahead, and building new solutions to drive your business.

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