vCIO News for 05-13-2018 – How to become a CIO or CTO?

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How To Become A CIO Or CTO

Though there is no single definition of what constitutes a great CIO or CTO, we can identify some common traits and skills that are shared by the best of these breeds. The typical job requirements for a CIO or a CTO include technical, financial and organizational experience. Efforts over the last 10 years to more closely link IT to the business side of a company adds in-depth business skills and knowledge to the CIO and CTO job requirements mix. Gone are the days when a CIO or CTO could ignore the business and deliver IT on IT’s schedule. For the technical foundation, a CIO or CTO needs to be successful, avail yourself of advanced technical training and IT project management training at every opportunity. Many companies prefer a CIO or CTO with an advanced degree, usually an MBA, considering the complexity of IT budgets, governance and processes. We’d rather work for a non-degreed CIO or CTO who makes well-informed decisions and can lead the IT staff into battle than to work for a CIO with a PhD who lacks knowledge about the culture and internal workings of IT and the business it supports. Being a CIO or CTO is a difficult job that requires dedication and persistence. The timeline is usually shorter at smaller companies, so working as a CIO or CTO in a smaller IT shop can be a great way to get your foot in the C-level door and gain valuable experience that can be a stepping stone to a similar role at progressively larger companies. For an interesting look at how CTOs of several large corporations reached their lofty positions, visit The Path to Tech CTO page. We’ve saved the most important CIO and CTO skill for last: The ability to inspire and lead your IT troops through excellent communication skills. Pursuing a CIO or CTO position is not a decision to be made lightly.

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