What does a vCIO do? – Virtual IT Department Evaluation Workshop

We are continuing our series that gives back to the industry answering the question, “What does a vCIO do?” and each article will outline a specific service offering of Outsourced CIO LLC in the day and the life of a vCIO.  Some call this “virtual” Chief Information Officer or “fractional” CIO and for the sake of this series, we will be changing the “v” to mean “VALUED” CIO.  Because the vCIO creates value for growing businesses who might not otherwise be able to afford a Chief Information Officer.  Our topic for today is “Virtual IT Department Evaluation Workshop.”

Virtual IT Department Evaluation Workshop – Annual Project or Service, estimated time to complete:  2 hours.Virtual IT Department Evaluation Workshop

The deliverable Is a completed Vendor Evaluation Quadrant and can be followed up with a 10-point exercise and action plan.

The “Virtual IT Department” of the company can consist of 50 or more application providers, service providers, vendors, and third-party companies. It’s important to categorize different participants and evaluate their performance regularly. With this evaluation, we can decide whom we can dismiss, change, or negotiate for a better price or develop a more strategic relationship.  There is some overlap with another on-going service called Vendor Management, of which we will be discussing in a future episode/article.  Essentially it is managing all the individuals interacting with a company’s IT brings better alignment, better performance, and lower operating costs. The goal is to create a system that reliably manages those parties in the virtual IT department and accompanying resources.

That’s is it!  That is what a vCIO does.  Check out the online video on this topic as well.  Have a tech-stress free day from Outsourced CIO LLC, where we demystify technology for growing businesses.

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