What does a vCIO do? ~ Key Associate Survey + analysis

We are continuing our series that gives back to the industry answering the question, “What does a vCIO do?” and each article will outline a specific service offering of Outsourced CIO LLC in the day and the life of a vCIO. Some call this “virtual” Chief Information Officer or “fractional” CIO and for the sake of this series, we will be changing the “v” to mean “VALUED” CIO. Because the vCIO creates value for growing businesses who might not otherwise be able to afford a Chief Information Officer. Our topic for today is “CEO Weekly Huddle.”

Key Associates Survey + analysis is a weekly service, estimated time to complete: 1 hour and 4 hours per month.Key Associates Survey + analysis

Deliverable: An analyzed survey in a report highlighting the individual feedbacks, scores, loyalty and all the other necessary metrics along with other recommendations for the Quarterly Planning session.

Description: Gathering information with a comprehensive scope of the company is critical to be able to address bottlenecks, slow processes, missing information, and any other hurdles. These regular surveys collect intelligence from the users and key vendors that add essential detail and perspective to the quarterly plans. Some of these metrics are: Employee satisfaction, supplier satisfaction, and customer satisfaction which can be obtained from a myriad of sources (website analytics, surveys, email responses, etc).

That’s is it! That is what a vCIO does. Check out the online video on this topic as well. Have a tech-stress free day from Outsourced CIO LLC, where we demystify technology for growing businesses.

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