What does a vCIO do? Project Visualization Workshops

Project Visualization WorkshopWe are continuing our series that gives back to the industry answering the question, “What does a vCIO do?” and each article will outline a specific service offering of Outsourced CIO LLC in the day and the life of a vCIO.  Some call this “virtual” Chief Information Officer or “fractional” CIO and for the sake of this series, we will be changing the “v” to mean “VALUED” CIO.  Because the vCIO creates value for growing businesses who might not otherwise be able to afford a Chief Information Officer.  Our topic for today is “Project Visualization Workshop”

This is a quarterly project or service estimated at 5-hours.

Deliverable: The Deliverable of the service is a Project Vision Statement explaining all the essential details of the project. Usually, we include 2 or 3 of these statements into the IT Operational Plan. If we’re doing just a basic package and do not have IT Operational planning, just complete the given Basecamp Template instead.

Description:  During the quarterly cycle, it is critical to visualize the initiatives that will shape the year’s development activities. We need to figure out why we want these activities and what we expect they’ll accomplish. These can be projects already in the plan that need to be made more actionable or urgent or brand new projects with urgent priority. This is where great team collaboration can shine – when the team can express their goal, align on strategy and get invested. 

Each Quarterly Planning Session will either generate new projects we need to visualize before crafting a plan or start on projects not yet visualized in detail. We need to allocate some time for this in those sessions. We can use the sessions separately to visualize one major initiative ad-hoc, or if they feel something’s wrong, and aren’t ready to kick off a full project visualization process, this is a great way to allocate resources for that.d. 


  • Project Visualization Workshops – Results Overview
  • Project Visualization Workshops – Key Stakeholder Interview Sheet
  • 10-Points Exercise
  • *Email us if you would like a copy of these template (s).

That’s is it!  That is what a vCIO does.  Have a tech-stress free day from Outsourced CIO LLC, where we demystify technology for growing businesses.

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