What does a vCIO do? Managed IT Skills Training

We are continuing our series that gives back to the industry answering the question, “What does a vCIO do?” and each article will outline a specific service offering of Outsourced CIO LLC in the day and the life of a vCIO.  Some call this “virtual” Chief Information Officer or “fractional” CIO (we prefer fractional as the “vCIO” term has become a buzzword and misleading – see our FAQ on this)  and for the sake of this series, we will be changing the “v” to mean “VALUED” CIO.  Because the vCIO creates value for growing businesses who might not otherwise be able to afford a Chief Information Officer.  Our topic for today is “Managed IT Skills Training”

This is a monthly service estimated at 2-hours.

Managed IT Skills TrainingDeliverable: Continuous assessment, education, and support for users of mainstream applications such as Office applications, intranet, instant messages, project management, process management,  and any other custom application.

Description:  Problem:  Your clients have employees of different age groups, IT savviness, learning skills and qualifications. Not everybody is leveraging the company’s resources equally. In a competitive market, it’s important to effectively leverage technologies, from using Line of Business applications to personal productivity tools. To keep and enhance productivity employees should have access to continuous learning to improve their IT skills. Keeping up to date is important but doesn’t get the priority in people’s lives.  We can bridge that gap.

Benefit:  This service aims to help employers make sure their teams have access to the education needed to master different technologies. The topics can be anything from general office applications, to emerging technologies, safe and secure internet usage, communication,  or personal productivity. The group settings also create an environment of accountability and team-work. The sessions are web-based, with no travel involved to minimize the overhead.


  • Managed IT Skills Training To-Do List Template
  • *Email us if you would like a copy of these template (s).

That’s is it!  That is what a vCIO does.  Have a tech-stress free day from Outsourced CIO LLC, where we demystify technology for growing businesses.

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