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Our Approach

Demystifying technology for growing businesses.

We give away the business, by consulting instead of selling. We tell the kind truth, enter the danger, ask questions, make suggestions, celebrate our mistakes, honor the client’s work, make everything about the client, do the dirty work, and take a bullet for our clients.

We work with growing companies to help design, structure and implement critical information systems and technology platforms.  Because these companies are not ready to hire a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) to manage their IT needs, they outsource that to us. Our clients say we help demystify technology and remove the fears and uncertainties that many face in their business. Outsourced CIO simplifies technology, so you can focus on your business.

Our Story

As a fan of the Table Group (Patrick Lencioni) for many years, and after reading each of his 11-books, our discontent grew with how businesses were run in the IT sector.  We love IT and it seemed that it was a different beast to tame, and yet, so simple that we found ourselves perplexed on how many businesses just did not seem to get it.  You have to admit that watching customer service levels and customer experience a downward spiral in the IT business has been going on for many years.

We have seen corporate wastes, abuse of clients, lack of follow up, over-charging, unprofessionalism, lying, stealing, training on the client’s dime, beta testing with the client, nickel-and-diming to death, and just bad unethical behavior.  We attempted to change and influence these companies from the inside by 360-Degree Leadership.  At times there was a glimmer of hope but for the most part, disappointment.  Part of providing the best service did not make us popular and even affected our employment status at times.  So we decided to do something about it after reading a great article on ways to improve customer service.  Thus Outsourced CIO, LLC.

We found that most companies think they take care of clients well, and even understand their client’s businesses, but the truth of the matter is, that over time, the “newness” wears off and customer service levels drop and respect and thankfulness for clients wanes.  Today many companies offer vCIO services as an “add-on” while not really understanding what a CIO is, much less offering one to their clients in the capacity that is needed.  What many companies offer as vCIO services really should be called account management or business development.  As far as we know, there are only 2 of us in the US offering these types of services from an experienced, disciplined, lessons learned, future-proofing, best practices, industry standards, and systematic approach.  Outsourced CIO, LLC is a company solely focused on providing vCIO services.  We call it Competitive Edge as a Service (CEaaS).

Meet the Team

Derek Iannelli-Smith  vCIO & Trusted Advisor and Founder of Outsourced CIO, LLC

Regarding OCIO, I am the founder of Outsourced CIO.  A little about me, in the Army, I held a Top Secret Clearance and completed training as an Information System Security Officer (ISSO), later, an IT Consultant/Computer Systems Analyst, after that as a vCIO-Project Manager (over 4,500 hours of PMP experience), and later a CIO and vCIO for a large Healthcare Company.  Previous clients started to overwhelm me with requests for consultation and vCIO services, after conferring with a mentor, I started Outsourced CIO LLC in November 2017.  My specialties reflect extensive knowledge in the technology sector. In between reading, writing, discipleship-evangelism, keeping up with technology, and dating my wife, I try to find time to get on the elliptical, listen to trance/dance/techno/80’s/90’s music, play magic the gathering, fish, serve our neighborhood and hang out with my Ragdoll Siamese cat, Niko.

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