Jane Baskin, Operating Owner, Charleston Roofs+Windows
Stephanie Webb, Chief Operating Officer at GraceWorks Construction and remodeling
Mark Turner, Teaching Elder at Oakbrook community church

Lisa Morse, Director of Finance & Budgets at Palmetto Primary Care and Physicians

I had the pleasure of working with Derek during the first phase of our companies migration to a Complete Cloud platform. Derek was professional, reliable, and willing to go above and beyond. Derek was willing to answer questions our management team had with honesty and integrity. I appreciated their project management style and knew if I handed them an issue it was completed. They are a great asset to any company who is considering using their services.

Daniel Davie, VP of Sales and marketing at goPMO

It’s been my pleasure to team with OCIO. Their clear line-of-site to the operational needs of the customer and get it done philosophy were a welcome partner to our efforts. Working with OCIO certainly helped to make our teams more efficient, helped us complete projects faster and enabled an authentic, accomplishment-focused line of communication across the organization. I look forward to continuing our partnership and would highly recommend to any customer.

Tammy Minnoe, Practice Manager, Dr. James Turn, Chiropractic Physician