We believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best.  People talk about what they love.  We also believe that great professional relationships can also contain the gift of personal relationships and we want to steward that.  We are also all in business, therefore a referral should have an incentive to say “thanks” to the referring party.   Therefore if you share OCIO with a business and they sign a contract, we will give you 10%.  Yes, you read that right.  For example, if they sign a $1000.00 contract you get $100 hard cash!  Here are some thoughts regarding good referrals:

  • It needs to be a warm and qualified referral.  Meaning, you did not go snag a bunch of business cards off the supermarket wall and start handing them off to us.  A warm and qualified referral is someone you know, and is looking for our services or dissatisfied with their current services and you have brought our name into the conversation/e-mail.
  • When the ‘referral’ signs a contract and payment is deposited in our business account, we will cut you a referral check for 10% of the sale the same day.
  • Here is an email template you can send to your possible referrals:

[Referral], I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been working with Outsourced CIO, LLC for a few months. The other day, I was talking with them about some of the things that they and I have done, and I realized that I should put you two together. So…

[Referral], meet [Salesperson, with a LinkedIn profile URL].

[Salesperson], meet [Referral, with a LinkedIn profile URL].  

Their website is:  https://ocio.biz and I would recommend the “About Us” and “FAQ” pages.  Can I leave the rest to you guys?  Talk to you both later.

That’s it.  Thank you beforehand for the referral!